Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're here! We're here!

The heart of GrassStain Farm is this beautiful red barn.

When we bought this place a year and a half ago we bought if for the wonderful outbuildings and the pasture/forest acreage. Our barn is overflowing with blessings....four-legged and two-legged blessings.
Hershey, our main jersey milk cow, moved with us and continues to give good, rich milk twice a day. She sooned welcomed Sylvia and Moo-Latte and Chocolate Chip. (Moo-latte has since filled our freezer to overflowing with good burger meat).
Also using the barn are two pigs, Erbert and Gerbert, who are here until June 1. Then we will taste our first whey-fed pork. We'll let you know how it is; the reports we've read are good.
And just to the north of the barn in the tree/grass area are the two steers, Russell Stover and Snickers, and Sam the bull. Bubba, the Icelandic ram, and Lance the goat live there, too.
Are you humming "Ol' McDonald's Farm" yet? Well, just wait. I'm not done. Out south of the barn two paddocks over are the 5 Icelandic ewes and their 8 new babies. Now they are fun to watch! Just like kitties they prance and bounce and jump and just look cute.
Final mention goes to 11 hens that provide us egg hunts in the barn and the standard two dogs and too many cats.
So that in a nutshell is the heart of our grassstain farm.

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  1. Great name for the blog. Oh and I like you animal names. Sounds really busy. I look forward to an active blog.