Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sticks and Weeds

The game "Pick Up Sticks" has taken on new meaning the past few days for Karl and me. We have ample trees here at GrassStain Farm that are great for providing cows and sheep with shade from hot sun or protection from rain or wind. It also supplies us with plenty of sticks to pick up before the mower can come through. Several of the tree rows have not been cleaned out in awhile so large (and I mean Large!) branches and clutter have collected for us to gather at our leisure. Although it's hard work producing sore muscles, I have to say I find it satisfying. You'll have to ask Karl for his personal opinion. He's the guy handling the ones too big for Mom, pushing over standing, dead trunks, and then hauling said trunks away by dragging them chained up to the tractor. He's a good son. :)

Today we are doing a scientific experiment to a loose degree. Karl and I are trying several different Homemade Weed Killer Recipes and Methods (from to get rid of the ever-increasing thistle. It's the weed that makes running barefoot very painful! Some of the larger patches (i.e. the NE pasture) Bob plans to plow up several times and then plant grass. But the smaller ones are amidst the lawn. The killer ingredients include vinegar, salt, and liquid dish detergent. One amusing method is to boil the weed to death; pour boiling water on it. Very cost effective if nothing else. We'll see which weed it kills.

Speaking of weeds, Elizabeth has spent the last two mornings in her vegetable garden weeding. She is so committed to her garden and does a great job. Soon we plan to dig a trench and lay a water hose in-ground so there is a spigot by the garden thereby making watering easier. This will happen before she leaves for CBC and Mom takes over!

Do you get the idea that Mom is the wimp on the farm! Well, someone has to be. I provide the cheerful attitude and to do list which makes me highly favored. :)

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  1. You'll have to let me know how the weed killers work!

    Saw pics of your place on Southern Belle's blog - very nice!