Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here is a Thistle weed that was sprayed with vinegar/salt mixture yesterday. At 8am today it is brownish and sickly looking. Since it's by a building, I didn't mind using the salt; the soil in the area is not needed for growing.
Today we bought a 1.5 gal pump sprayer so we can cover a larger area faster and easier. The small hand spray bottle was quite inefficient and probably wouldn't hold out for the entire lawn.
It's a hot, sunny day; just right for taking care of the rest of this weed.

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  1. That is some mean thistle you got there. Good to see the vinegar working!! I see my dad became a follower of yours, he grew up on a farm and has many stories, I think he will enjoy checking in on you. He should start his own blog too....hint if you are reading Uncle Paw Paw!