Monday, January 17, 2011

Look Ahead into 2011

Here's some inspiration for 2011 Farm Planning!
As we look ahead, here's some of our TO-DO List:
-order broilers and turkeys (today!)
-buy/organize fencing supplies (mainly staples)
-organize file system; make new files for each enterprise
-Finish blueprint drawing of entire farm
-Review/Develop short term and long term goals
-Go to Farm Conferences in February :)
-plan garden
-try cheese again
-get two hogs to eat the whey from above-mentioned cheese
(After the snow is gone....)
-put up hog panels between paddocks 2 & 3
-build cattle feeding headgates (terminology???)
-move burn pile of old trees
-enlarge garden to the west where burn pile was
-plant extra grass in paddocks (early in Spring)
(Before May Graduation Reception....)
-paint front of barn and shed where red paint is peeling
-plant new trees by Cottonwood Pasture
-get ready for turkeys and broiler to arrive
Well, that should be enough for now. I think I'll go look at the garden catalogs or read our new farm books and get inspired as I look ahead to Spring.....

Signs of Winter

Yup, its Winter! These were taken after the 3-day blizzard around New Years. I think it makes the barn look old and tired. I feel old and tired with the growing snow levels and cold temps. However, its a necessary rest to get us all ready for Spring and growing, working, and outdoor playing again. Until then, we'll snuggle inside, do what we must outside, and count our blessings.

Winter Fun on the Farm

Should I go for it?

Will it hold?

Is he dead?

Soft landing with all that snow.
He went for another ride.