Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunshine coming

They say it's the last day of rain. We sure hope so! Yesterday Karl got some much-needed mowing done and will continue that job as soon as the sun is out a day or so. The orchard trees are blooming like crazy in shades of pink and white. I hope to sit amongst the beauty this Sunday with good friends and sunshine and a glass of iced tea.
There is a peaceful feel to the farm as I look outside the window. Rain or no rain, there is plently of oh-so-green grass making all the animals very happy. The lambs have their active times when they are all running and jumping. (Sometimes even on their mamas.) And the soft brown contented cows are grazing or just laying around chewing their cud. I yearn for a 70 degree day with sunshine to be out there with the cows even if it means cleaning the barn or trimming trees or weeding the garden. Its all good, clean satisfying work. With the sunshine will come ample outdoor work to do. The shed is almost finished with its new siding. The weeds are growing in the garden. And still spring cleanup with some piles here and there of hay and/or manure. Let the sunshine come; I'm ready and willing to do the work.
I'm looking ahead to the Fall already! I checked out a library book on Preserving the Harvest. I've seen this book but haven't purchased it yet; now I can see if I'll really use it. I have lots to learn in making the best use of our farm produce.

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