Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Turkey Soccer

The BlueSlate Turkey team is practicing for their next soccer game.

As usual, the turkeys are providing us with much entertainment. When we walk outside or drive up, they come running to 'greet' us. Karl plays his fiddle outside and they 'sing' along.

Sorry, no video of the soccer practice, but they were at it quite awhile.

Soccer, anyone? :)

Tomato Harvest

Bright, shiny, red, Delicious.

Juicy, meaty, and good.

Tomatoes are ready for picking. I am both thrilled and overwhelmed. Two big batches of ripe fruit have been gathered and more is coming. In fact, if I looked I'd be picking another dozen or two.

So, what to do with all those tomatoes. For some of my friends, this is easy and in one easy day they put up jars and jars of sauce or salsa or whatever tomato concoction they do. Me? I go to those friends looking for help and comfort.

I've put my analytical skills to use and managed the situation. Here we go: 1. I don't want to waste the tomatoes. 2. Canning is possible but takes all my mental energies for two days just getting ready plus the day to can. 3. I have a freezer. 4. It is more blessed to give than to receive

That's what I did; I froze the fruit and I gave away several bags. The first batch was cut into chunks and froze in ziploc bags ready to go into stews/hotdishes this winter. The second batch didn't even get cut up; I just threw the whole tomatoes into the freezer in bags. Then when I want one, I put it under warm water and the skin just peels right off, tomato thaws quickly and it goes into whatever is for supper. Very easy.

I've got more tomatoes. I've got more friends. I need another freezer! :)