Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pork on Pasture Party

Party?  Well, it was really a workshop, but party sounded cooler.  Bob and I spent the first sunny warm 60s day of the season standing outside learning how to raise hogs on open pasture.  Bob got a sunburned face.

These sows were put out in this pasture a few weeks ago to farrow (give birth).  There are 6 here and all but one have 9 or 10 healthy, cute little pigs. (The last has probably farrowed by now.) The sows each choose a hut when its almost time and create their own nest inside.  We were told its good to have one more hut than sow as they seem to like a choice.  

Can you see the little piggie coming over from the hut.  When we arrived, all the pigs ran behind the hut.  After about 15 minutes or more, mama layed down, and they came running to her grunts.  Time for lunch!

This pen was where the sows were over the winter.  Only one sow remains here; she's the bottom of the pecking order and now has the place to herself and her litter.  The huts are made of steel and stack nicely for storing when not being used.  
We enjoyed the workshop and gained much knowledge about hogs.  However, this does not mean we're going to start a farrowing operation.  Never say never, but for now we hope to raise some butcher hogs for our own dining pleasure.
Although it is very hard to find weaned 40# pigs which creates quite a niche market.  
Just sayin'

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