Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eggmobile...the sequel.

To learn what the Eggmobile is, read the previous blog.  The early framework pics are there, too.  
Now, we'll see Bob's continued work and the final product!
There are two rows of nests which the chickens enter from the inside, and we access from these doors on the outside.  Picking eggs will be much easier and cleaner with this method.  In the pic, the bottom door is down; once complete the top door will be able to attach to roof.

C'mon In, my little chickies!.  
Here's the nests from the inside and some of the roosts.

Bob is lowering the ramp that allows the hens to go out for fresh air and exercise and just to grub around.
At night the girls head back in, and we'll put the door up to keep out predators.

And here's the final version:  

Its a nice yellow as that was the unused paint found in the basement. 
Hope the ladies like it. ;)
We'll move the hens in this weekend, pull the eggmobile out to a pasture where the cows have been, '
set up the poultry electric fence, and let them do their thing.


  1. Hey, I saw your eggmobile moving around the other night. It looks pretty neat! Looks like you learn lots of cool stuff from all those seminars! We get our first chickens on Sunday.... super excited about it!! :) We will also be looking for a couple weaned 40lb piggies for raising/butchering, so if you happen to know anyone... I've been keeping my eye on Craigslist, but to no avail.

  2. Hello, I found your site when I googled Judy pangman. I have her book and am in the process of desiging my own
    egg mobile. My design is very simular, but will have removable wheels so i can use them on multiple coops.
    so, I have two questions.
    (1) what are the dimensions of you egg moble and
    (2) what seed company did you get your grass seed from
    I also need to do some reseeding and looking for the
    type of mix. Thanks. You can contact me at via my blog
    Phoenix Farm

  3. Are you still here? How did your egg mobile work?