Thursday, December 29, 2011

Warm Weather means Work!

Usually we are busy shoveling/plowing snow at this time of year, however this winter the ground is still brown and the roads completely clear of any white stuff. Instead of trudging through a foot or two of snow for chores and then cuddling inside with the farm books and family games, we are seeing lots of projects getting done. Bob is thrilled with how much work he has done this week while home on vacation from his full-time job.

The Grainery Cabin project is launched! After talking about this for a few years and collecting free windows (think recycle!), the cabin received its first phase face-lift. On Monday, Dec. 26th, it was so warm and sunny that Bob figured it was a good day to get two windows installed. The dark, claustrophobic inside was transformed to visions of all sorts of cozy, rustic possibilities. I'm thinking (hoping) much could be done before my skilled, strong husband is busy with the planting season. Then I can do the cleaning, painting kind of work. He's the heavy; I'm the light-weight.
Frankly, we aren't exactly sure what the goal is for the Grainery other than a rustic cabin retreat. Crazy ideas include compost toilet? Solar hand sink? Electricity for fan, light, radio? Comfy chairs for reading and writing. Does it pique your interest?

So, that was Monday. Then Tuesday Bob butchered his first-ever lamb. This guy was a May lamb grown to about 50 or 60#. Bob spent the night before on you-tube watching experienced guys, then used our stainless steel table and other equipment from the summer chicken project, the meat grinder, and made quick and easy work of it. Well, he wouldn't say it was quick, but I definitely would say he made it look easy. I am highly impressed. Two more to go. . .

Wednesday Bob started taking out a kitchen cupboard to make room for a dishwasher. What a guy! This isn't exactly a farm project, but it sure makes this farmwife happy. I already unloaded my first batch of clean dishes today. After finishing that, Bob headed outside to clean out the barn and haul out manure piles. The warm weather means no frozen manure mounds building up hence much fewer spring/summer days spent hauling said piles out to the field. We could get used to this kind of climate.

Not sure what Friday holds, but I'm sure Bob has a list. He LOVES being on his own farm working with his own cows, sheep, chickens, etc. It is very satisfying work for him. One day he'll come home full time but until then he also enjoys his full-time job with great guys to work along side, and still growing good, wholesome food for local customers.

After writing all that, sorta makes me feel like a slacker. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go make a delicious, nutritious, home-grown supper for that hard-working man of mine.

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