Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trees on my mind.

Trees are such a thing of beauty. And of service, too. Full of variety, color, shape, smell, and texture. At GrassStain Farm they add much to the look of our farm in all the seasons. Right now the evergreens bordering the south slow the wind a little. Last year they kept out lots of snow (not an issue yet this winter), and small animals and birds find their shelter among the branches.

In the summer our trees add protection from the sun and rainstorms when needed. In the Fall some of the trees provide fruit and leaves for compost to nourish the ground. Finally, let us not forget to mention oxygen pouring out all year round.

I do not understand why people continue to rip out rows of trees to add a few more acres to their large fields. Short-term economics is my guess. On paper those few more acres can return $XX to make that bottom line look better. But I think those dollars come at a high price if one would consider the long-term effect on the environment, the atmosphere, and even the landscape.

We will be ordering new trees soon at the Conservation Office to be planted in the Spring. Its good to be planting a few new trees every year to replace the old ones or wind-damaged ones that we lose. Remember the tree guy who came out last June and told me the plum trees are on their way out? We'll be replacing those also, not with plums but maybe more apple trees. The orchard already has two new cherry bushes and a growing raspberry patch.

And so I have trees on my mind. Today I can drink my tea and admire them out the window, but next summer I will be sitting among the trees, listening to the leaves rustle, the birds chirp, and drinking in the fresh oxygen. Aaah. Now that's medicine for the soul; a real stress-reliever.

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