Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Feast Nearby

Entertaining. Witty. Factual. Educational and Inspiring.
That's the new book I'm reading, The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather. I stumbled upon it at one of my local libraries and read only a chapter (sometimes two) a day. I could easily ignore other tasks at hand and devour much more, however I think I'd miss some of its life and forget the good lessons and information that I want to retain and use.

Like the asparagus chapter early in the book. Ms Mather has plainly (my kind of language!) described exactly what she does to put up asparagus for future use while its in season. Each chapter has recipes and how-to info which I can readily apply in my own kitchen pursuits. (If you've read previous blogs, you already know I'm not too adept at the 'preserving now to eat later' thing but intentionally working at it.) I think I need to purchase my own copy as a resource -- one to mark up, dog-ear, highlight and keep in the kitchen.

What a delight to discover this book. It so helps to find a fellow sojourner who has plowed before me and seems to be stretching a hand back to bring me along. Thank you, Robin, for the hand up!

Now we'll all be watching to see if I have pictures to post of asparagus this spring!

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  1. Hi Marie--are you selling any lamb this spring? :)