Monday, March 21, 2011

Eggciting News!

Layer Hens have returned to GrassStain Farm, and we are excited to welcome them. Our previous flock had been aging and diminishing so our current supply of eggs had been from our wonderful neighbors. The neighbors decided to get out of the egg business and offered us their hens. We, of course, jumped at the idea as we like our country fresh eggs.

Bob readied the sw pen in the barn by adding chicken wire up high so the hens wouldn't fly out. This is to appease Karl who really hates the mess roosting chickens make in the barn. :) As it warms and drys up, the chickens will be let out of the pen late morning (after laying eggs) to roam around. Its a good enterprise to add to our small farm. Pictures forthcoming.

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  1. How exciting! That will make for a fun and yummt addition!