Monday, January 17, 2011

Look Ahead into 2011

Here's some inspiration for 2011 Farm Planning!
As we look ahead, here's some of our TO-DO List:
-order broilers and turkeys (today!)
-buy/organize fencing supplies (mainly staples)
-organize file system; make new files for each enterprise
-Finish blueprint drawing of entire farm
-Review/Develop short term and long term goals
-Go to Farm Conferences in February :)
-plan garden
-try cheese again
-get two hogs to eat the whey from above-mentioned cheese
(After the snow is gone....)
-put up hog panels between paddocks 2 & 3
-build cattle feeding headgates (terminology???)
-move burn pile of old trees
-enlarge garden to the west where burn pile was
-plant extra grass in paddocks (early in Spring)
(Before May Graduation Reception....)
-paint front of barn and shed where red paint is peeling
-plant new trees by Cottonwood Pasture
-get ready for turkeys and broiler to arrive
Well, that should be enough for now. I think I'll go look at the garden catalogs or read our new farm books and get inspired as I look ahead to Spring.....

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