Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Acres is the place to be.

Farm living is the life for me! It is a joy to be outside doing spring cleanup. The water has subsided enough to allow us access to most of our land. We have taken a few walks around the woodlands scoping out areas for this year's new grazing paddocks. If you followed us last year, you'll remember we were developing Paddocks #1-4 just south of the barn and also Green Acres that received a complete 'remodel'. As we work our way north, our next area is what we call the Fire Lane/the Monarchy (name yet to be decided but both fitting due to past events at this place). Any new paddocks starting here and throughout the woodlands/pasture will require a bit of labor in dead tree/debris removal and fencing. Although this will be a bit taxing on our muscles, I look forward to getting the woods cleaned out. It seems best to designate a few areas to do this year and not view the whole project at once as it is a huge project and cannot possibly be done in one or even two years. Another sign of spring is the wonderful green grass! Green never looked so good. A walk around the orchard was both inspiring and challenging. I was reminded of how little I know about nurturing my fruit trees. So I did something I should have done two years ago; I emailed a fruit tree specialist whom I have met at other farm events/conferences and invited him to come to our farm to consult with us. I hope he is able to come this summer. On the to-d0 list is fencing that didn't get finished last fall; barn cleaning, garden prep. Oh, Karl ordered hedges to plant in hopes it stops the big snow drift in the driveway. I like his foresight. I hope you are enjoying your green, green grass at your home.

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  1. yes - it is greening up! hey - I'm trying to ignore your hit counter saying that I'm the 666th visitor :( booo! hisss!

    Say, you probably have thought of this but Karl should check on just where to plant those shrubs - You have to have them back a certain distance to be effective. My vote would have been lilacs or shrub roses :)