Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're in business!

The lamb meat has arrived in our freezer, and I'm ready to deliver it to yours. This is so exciting for me. The harvest is in, and its market time. Emails went out to this morning; phone calls are flying and already two orders are bundled ready to go.

It hadn't fully dawned on me until today that I'm doing the same job my husband does, only much smaller. At the organic farm that employs him, Bob also grows animals. However, his are bigger and more of them. But just like me, when they are ready for market his animals go to the same processor, later he picks up boxes of shrink-wrapped frozen meat, inventories it, takes orders, and then bundles it up and delivers the meat to the customer....with a smile. Just like me!

I'm quite amused at this. I guess Bob's my hero and I want to be just like him. :) Well, maybe not just like him. I'll leave Bob to his cows, and I'll stick to my wonderful little flock of sheep while relying on his wisdom and experience. Of course, he'll always be my hero.


  1. Hi Marie,
    Good morning, ya old lamb farmer, you! I can't fathom why I have never before visited this blog...well, I guess having a v e r y s l o w computer is not conducive to doing much looking around but I digress. I am so proud and happy about your lamb venture. You work so hard and lean on the Lord so well. As always you are a great example of a God fearing woman and yet a real person with imperfections...not many, of course. Thanks for adoring and respecting your husband. It is good for me to see and aspire to.
    Well, hope you have great sales of your great product. YOU GO GIRL!
    Amy K

  2. We had lamb chops for supper last night--YUM! :) Sandi