Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orchard News

We have a new apple! Just one. But we're thrilled because its from the new tree just planted last month. Last year we hear the MN State berry guy (official title??) say that he plants 2 or 3 new trees every year so we thought we'd do that, too. Mid-May Karl and I drove to the famous Bergeson Nursery at Fertile, MN (near Bob's family farm) to buy 3 apple trees, 6 maple, 11 green ash, 1 weeping willow for Elizabeth, and 2 (divided into 4) lilacs for Karl. All are growing and thriving so far.

Our one new apple is from the Prairie Magic tree; the other two are harolson and royal duchess. Our old apple tree has fruit growing. I need to get a plastic jug of "stuff" hung in it to deter the worms. The "stuff" recipe has to be found but it contains things like sugar and apple cider vinegar or something like that. I'll ask my friend, Bev.

Also growing are raspberries! My small patch that started with transplants from friend Amy last fall was a bit overgrown this year but after a little work its coming around. I'm thinking of buying some new plants and filling in the bare spots. The gooseberry bush looks good after being cut back and cleaned out, however haven't seen much fruit yet. Plums are small but ample.


  1. Very nice, I like apples...just sayin' in case you have too many!

  2. Oooh, that's so cool you got a weeping willow tree! I love those.
    ~Inna :)