Monday, September 5, 2011

Heifer TMI

Anticipation is building for Milky, the heifer, to freshen this week. She is about 2 years old and this is, of course, her first calf. We've been watching the signs progress and grooming her for the milking parlor. Here's what's been happening:

A month or more ago, Milky was put in with the milk cows to familiare her with the twice/daily milk routine. Since Hershey was dried up until she freshens monthend, its only been Sylvia and Milky. Sylvia is miked first, and then we run Milky in the stall, give her some blue corn as a treat and brush her down so she gets used to standing there, being handled, and feeling overall good in this place.

This past week signs of approaching calving are increasing. At first we saw her udder grow, now its getting tighter. That's the term Bob uses; I assume it means its filling with milk. Her back end is swelling more each day and I'm told soon it will have a slimy discharge. This week we are to check on her at least twice a day to mark any changes and recognize delivery time.

TMI? (too much information?) Its a regular part of our farm life, and it makes this week pretty exciting for us. New life is always exciting.

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