Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rooftop turkey

They're gone. I'm a little lonely. We used to be greeted with eagerness and enthusiasm whenever we stepped out the door or drove in the yard. They'd come running, glad to see us. Hoping we brought them a little treat.

And now they're gone. I'm a little lonely. It's one of the occupational hazards of being a sustainable grass farmer. Some livestock become more than a part of the seasonal function of farm production. The turkeys had become entertainment and enjoyment; they had become a part of our lives as we interacted with them. And now they're gobbling is gone.

But alas! Life goes on and we know that while they were here a short time, it was a good time for them as well as us. They were happy birds allowed to roam and grub where they pleased, wandering through the orchard and pasture alike, roosting on the highest poles and fences as they chose. Their life was good and now their purpose is being fulfilled in becoming healthy, good-tasting dinner to local families. The cycle of life continues.

What about that rooftop turkey? Well, one got away from us this morning and as we drove away, he was perched on the rooftop overlooking the business below. The workers say he'll probably come down later today; if not, I guess we're short one bird. Now its time to order more for next year.

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  1. Hi Marie and Bob. We did not know you wrote a blog till we got your Christmas card today. Fun reading! I started in May and read them all! I will keep on checking to see what you are doing next. Do you still find time to quilt?
    Sandy from Ada (Bud, too)